clan of ursula

Clan of Ursula


 What is the Clan of Ursula?
Clan of Ursula is a improvisational psychedelic music project by a collection of people in NJ


The lineup is:

 What kind of 'clan' is this?
A collection of people, not the racist kind, that's spelled differently.

What does the name mean?
The term 'Clan of Ursula' refers to mitochondrial DNA (mtdna) genealogy ... finding a common relative through DNA that's passed down from the mother.
Check out these links for more info: Link1, Link2, or do a search

So what does this have to do with music?
Absolutely nothing.

What is Improvisational Psychedelic Music?
Music that is mostly composed 'on the fly', mostly instrumental, with arrangements that go long and jam, that have a psychedelic element to them.

So who cares?

Why not.

Fly in July (Tracks from a live session on July 1, 2007) 
Mayday (Tracks from a live session in May 2007)
Demo Tracks

About These Tracks: These are song/theme ideas composed using recording software,
they would sound much different in a live setting. Live recordings will be posted when they
are available.


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